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Summer Clinic Updates

Hi! I hope you have been having a wonderful and fun summer, even though it feels like it is flying by! I have a few updates to share about scheduling, pricing, and a new treatment technique (hint: it deals with chronic pain and inflammation - very exciting stuff!!)

First off, the schedule. As you all know when you look on the website, the schedule has been filling up quicker and quicker, so I have

updated the booking calendar settings to go out 90 days from today’s date instead of the prior 60 days. With the busy schedule, I recommend you schedule an appointment online first to at least get something “in the books” even if it is far out and then if you would hope to be seen earlier than that date, contact me by email ( to let me know that you’d like to be put on the cancellation list. If I get a cancellation, I utilize that list to fill the spot. When scheduling online, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your appointment after you book it as well as an email reminder the day before your session. Please make sure you get those confirmation emails as if not, you have not booked a session, so try again or email me if you think you misspelled your email address, etc and I can verify it for you.

Next, the price of an adult manual therapy session will increase to $70 and a youth session will increase to $45. Price changes are not easy and I don’t take it lightly, however the costs associated with maintaining a building and general increase in costs of all things (cleaning and clinic supplies, utilities, continuing education, etc) lead to this decision. Over the past couple of years I have also advanced my unique manual therapy skills and knowledge (with more new classes consistently on the way), so the added dollars you spend for a session also equate to an increase in value that you’ll receive. :) The new price will only go into effect for appointments that are newly booked from today moving forward. All of the appointments that have already been booked in the calendar and any current gift certificates issued remain at the prior price points, so no worries!

Lastly, one of the newest treatment techniques I have been learning is to address what is called the Vagal Inflammatory Reflex (VIR). Your vagus nerve is a long and wandering cranial nerve that starts in your brain and ends way down in your abdomen. Your vagus nerve does many things and one is being involved to help to reduce inflammation in your body. Here’s a simple explanation of VIR: When your body is in a state where it needs a lot of healing (ex. significant injury, infection), your body’s immune system will send a message that it needs all the inflammation it can get to help fight and heal this issue, so it goes into overdrive and turns “off” your anti-inflammatory system (VIR) in order to do so. In certain instances, this system stays turned off, so you then walk around everyday in a pro-inflammatory state. This state leads to chronic pain and many conditions that end in “-itis” or “-algia.” Fascial Counterstrain has been able to identify times when this is occurring and utilize treatments that target shortening the tail end of each vagus nerve branch to help to improve function of the VIR/anti-inflammatory system. In a nutshell, we are working to help your body produce enough fire extinguishers (anti-inflammation) to balance out the number of fires (inflammation) going on in your body. Like most things, the body works at its best when balanced! Having a dysfunctional VIR also causes many areas of your spine to be stiff and sore, so addressing this using Fasical Counterstrain treatments can also aid in improving thoracic and lumbar spinal motion and reducing spine pain. Super cool, right?!

I am so grateful to work with you and to be a part of your healing process. I always appreciate and look forward to each session. On an extra side note, I now have 2 amazing renters sharing the building with me - Broad Oak Healing Arts and Thrivent Financial - so check them out sometime if you have any needs for craniosacral treatment or financial advice. I feel fortunate to be a part of this growing downtown Washburn business community! Can't wait to see you soon!

P.S.: an outdoor sign is coming soon - I promise hahaha

Peace, love, & vegetables,

Dr. Lori

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