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  • Where is Superior Wellness located?

The Superior Wellness clinic is located in Washburn, WI at the address of 123 W. Bayfield St. (aka Hwy 13).  From Ashland, take Hwy 13 to downtown Washburn (aka Bayfield St.) and Superior Wellness is in a red building on the non lake side of the street.  It's a few building past Washington Ave/past the Cenex gas station.  Turn into the building's private parking lot and park there, with the front of your car facing the red building.  If you do no prefer to use the stairs at the front door, you can use the back door which has no steps.  You can also park right by the back door with your car parallel to the red buidling.

  • How do I cancel an appointment?

If you need to cancel your appointment, send an email to Lori at with your name and date/time of the appointment needing to be canceled.  If email is not available to you, text or call Lori at 715-600-1199.  A 24 hour notice is required in order not to be charged for your appointment, however illness, family emergency, and inclement weather are exceptions to this and in those cases, you will not be charged for the visit.  No-shows will be charged for the full appointment session cost.

  • What is osteopathic manual treatment/manual therapy?

Manual osteopathic treatments are procedures that utilize the highly refined skills developed during the manual osteopathic practitioner's intense and comprehensive education. The practitioner typically uses their hands to provide hands-on treatments in order to decrease pain, spasm, and inflammation while also improving flexibility and function. Osteopathic manual treatments are highly controlled gentle procedures that rarely cause discomfort. Treatments adapt to meet the specific needs of each patient. Patients often note positive changes in their pain following the first session of manual osteopathic care.

  • What should I expect at my first treatment?

At your first session, there will be a short for for you to fill out regarding how you are feeling and a signature related to maintaining to privacy and releasing liability.  Lori will go over your history and current symptoms prior to starting treatment.  Because Lori specializes in fascial counterstrain, this does involve performing a cranial bone motion testing technique, which is an objective assessment of which body system and location within that body system are dysfunctional and contributing to your symptoms.  This is done in sitting or lying down and repeated as needed to guide treatment.  Hands-on methods are used for treatment and focus is on treating the cause which at times may be in a different location from where you are feeling the pain.  Treatment during the session should be very tolerable as most techniques used are gentle and not meant to increase your pain during the session.  Plan to wear comfortable clothing.  All surfaces are cleaned thoroughly prior to your session, there is an air purifier in the room, and Lori for he time being is continuing to wear a mask when treating.  No mask usage is required  Lori has completed her Covid-19 vaccine series.

  • Does insurance cover treatments by an osteopathic manual practitioner or treatments performed at Superior Wellness?

No.  Superior Wellness noes not work with or provide information to insurance companies and has no relationship/coverage with any insurance company.  However, patients have been able to successfully submit invoices for treatment to be covered by their HSA (health savings account).  This may vary depending upon your personal benefit plan.  At any time, you may request an invoice/receipt from Lori which can then be sent to you by email.  The invoice is the only type of documentation that is able to be provided to you - no exceptions.

  • Can I be treated for injuries or symptoms that occurred after an accident or injury?

If you have been involved in an accident or injury and you are planning on submitting Superior Wellness receipts to an insurance company or lawyer to have your care covered due to the accident, then no, you will not be able to be seen at Superior Wellness - no exceptions.  

  • How do I pay for my session?

Payment can be made when making the appointment during online booking using your PayPal account.  You may also pay in person at your session using cash, check, or PayPal.  Currently, credit cards are NOT able to be accepted in person at the time of your visit (only through PayPal).

  • Are gift certificates available?

Yes!  Gift certificates are available upon request and can be picked up in person, mailed, or emailed.  Email for more information.​

  • What days and times are appointments offered?

Manual therapy treatment sessions are offered Mondays-Fridays from approximately 8-11am and 1:30-5pm.  Find all available appointments online at this website under the Schedule Appt tab.

  • Is manual therapy treatment ongoing?

A treatment plan is always customized based on your condition.  The hands-on nature of the manual osteopathic care is essentially what requires patients to visit the manual therapist more than once to achieve the desired results. A manual osteopathic practitioner may provide acute, chronic, and/or preventive care, so the number of visits will vary. If you have not yet achieved a maintenance level, attending sessions within a 7-21 day period is recommended in order to continue to make positive gains.  Once maintenance is achieved, frequency of a visit every 4-8 weeks is common.

  • Will I experience soreness after a session?

You may or may not experience soreness after a session, but do not be concerned if this does occur as it should resolve within 1-2 days.  Some people may also experience fatigue.  Drinking water, resting, and using ice or heat after sessions will aid in alleviating any soreness or post visit symptoms.  Recommend avoiding strenuous activity for 24-48 hours after a session.  

  • What education does Lori have?

Lori has a Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and is a Certified Health Coach.  Can you call her Dr. Lori?  Yep, you sure can :) She has attended all available fascial counterstrain courses and one Counterstrain Academy course along with numerous continuing education courses for a variety of musculoskeletal impairments.​

  • How do I find a fascial counterstrain practitioner in my area if I live far away from Washburn, WI?

You can find a fascial counterstrain practitioner in your area on the website.  There is a clinics & practitioners tab where you can type in your state and a list of practitioners nearby will populate for you to scroll through to find the one closest to you.

  • What is the difference between a manual osteopathic practitioner and a chiropractor?

Chiropractic has originated from osteopathy and most chiropractic techniques (such as spinal manipulation) are essentially originally osteopathic techniques. Dr Daniel David Palmer, founder of chiropractic was one of the first students of Dr Andrew Taylor Still, founder of osteopathy.
Doctors of chiropractic may utilize direct force spinal manipulation (also known as grade five mobilization or high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) techniques) in treating patients.
Osteopathic manual practitioners on the other hand use gentle, low force, repetitive techniques such as osteoarticular mobilization, muscle energy technique, balanced ligamentous tension, lymphatic drainage, oscillatory, myofascial release, strain/counterstrain, fascial counterstraing, soft tissue therapy, cranial osteopathy, visceral manipulation, Still’s, manual mechanotherapy, and positional facilitated release . These techniques use minimum for
ce, are repetitive and gentle in nature. In manual osteopathy, being gentle is essential. Spinal manipulation (HVLA technique) is not used by osteopathic manual practitioners in North America.

  • What is the difference between the terms osteopathic manual practitioner and US osteopath?

In the USA, Osteopaths are medical doctors who are osteopathic physicians who can also prescribe medications and perform surgery.  This is also knows as American style osteopathy.  Osteopathic manual practitioners do not practice osteopathic medicine, but instead use only hands-on techniques for treatment.  This is also called European style osteopathy or manual osteopathy.

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