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Clinic Updates & Happenings

I hope everyone is enjoying this strange winter! 

I have a few updates to share about the upcoming road construction and schedule.  First, let’s talk construction -my favorite (insert sarcasm here)!   The Bayfield St. construction project was originally planned to start April 1st, however due to the lack of snow, it will likely be starting sometime in March.  For this first phase, if you’re coming from Ashland, you will be taking a detour instead of the highway through the first half of Washburn.  The detour will return to the highway (Bayfield St.) at 1st Ave W, next to the Washburn Chamber building.  From there, you will take a left and be able to park on the street or in the parking lot as usual to access Superior Wellness.  Here is a link from the city of Washburn to learn more about the project and to see the detour map for phase 1.

Next, the crazy thing called the schedule! It is extremely packed full and booking out about 6 wks in advance. It’s great to be busy, but I do recognize that it makes it hard for people to get in for a session quickly or find spots to reschedule, which I do apologize for.   I recommend using the online calendar to schedule, scheduling out a couple of appointments in advance, and emailing me if you’d like to be put on the cancellation list if your scheduled appointment is farther out than you’d like.  The cancellation list is also quite lengthy, so it sometimes works out to see you sooner and sometimes not depending upon how many spots open up.  Just a heads up that I have a few trips planned in June, so that month may become tricky to get appointments, so I am sorry in advance if that is an issue.  

When you go to schedule, you’ll also notice a $10 price increase for adult sessions and a $5 increase for child sessions.  This is for any newly scheduled appointments, not for appointments scheduled prior to the increase, and basically begins mid-April.  I continue to invest in my advanced education and I hope to keep providing more value to your sessions with the techniques and knowledge that I learn as well as keep up with the increasing costs of doing business.  My next fascial counterstrain class is the beginning of April which is all about learning to find and treat the root cause of your pain and/or restriction faster and more effectively.  Can’t wait!  

I am so thankful and grateful to get to work with each and every one of you!  You inspire me to keep striving to learn and grow as a clinician in order to help you feel your best.  Thank you!!

Peace, Love, & Vegetables,

Dr. Lori

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