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Fall 2020 Update & News!

Hi there! As 2020 continues to chaotically roll along, I wanted to pass along updates regarding the Superior Wellness clinic. Resuming clinic treatments has been going really well, but I have recently updated appointment times a bit to allow for more time in between sessions. You will now see some different times listed on the scheduling calendar (for example, 6:45pm instead of 7pm) which will give more time for cleaning and to make sure clients aren’t in the clinic at the same time. I also just started an entrepreneur training program through the University of Wisconsin SBDC which will be held online for the next 9 weeks on Wednesday nights. Super exciting, but that also means another scheduling calendar change. You won’t be seeing Wednesday night appointments available until mid-November, but instead there will be a session available on Tuesdays at 6:45pm. Thursdays and Sundays will still be available like usual. Masks are still being worn and if there is anything additional I can do or provide to make your session more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Also, head over to my Facebook page to leave a review and you can also follow me on Instagram (andersonsuperiorwellness) to keep up on all the fun happenings. Share with your friends and family as I would love to keep getting the word out about what treatments I have to offer - I appreciate all of your support!

Although formats for learning have changed with the pandemic, in the past 6 months I have been working hard to improve my skills as a practitioner and that have really helped me keep a more positive frame of mind during this stressful time. I have learned a new way to treat scar tissue restrictions, advanced my anatomy knowledge, improved my cranial scan and palpation skills, and am currently working on new neuromuscular strengthening techniques to “turn on” muscles that shut down during injuries and pain. I’ve got some additional future plans in the works to continue my osteopathic manual practitioner education with an osteopathic school that now has a program/office here in the US. In December, I will be attending a virtual 5 day Fascial Counterstrain Convention to learn new treatment updates on all the body’s systems and advance my spinal and joint motion testing skills.

The excitement for Fascial Counterstrain as an effective, cutting-edge treatment continues to grow all over the world and I am now 1 of 9 advanced practitioners in the state of Wisconsin. It is a technique that I believe is such a game changer in treating any type of dysfunction, pain, or issue with the body. It’s also helpful for injury prevention and as a part of “pre-hab” prior to surgery. Check it out in more detail at and hear from others suffering from chronic pain and from professional athletes as to why it’s their go-to treatment. There is also a find a practitioner tool on the site for your friends and family to be able to experience the benefits of counterstrain that live in a different state.

The other exciting news is that I turned the big 4-0 and my family recently moved into our new house in Washburn! We have been enjoying country living building trails, having bonfires, checking out the plants and wildlife, and my son even built and planted a small garden. He may have gone a bit crazy with the zucchini and basil seeds, but it was a great growing season and we have enjoyed all the fresh food. It’s so awesome how much my kids love fruits and veggies and I believe eating Juice Plus has a lot to do with it. Their “gut brain” has been fed with a rainbow of vine-ripened fruits and veggies every day for the past 7 years and that trained their “head brain” to crave them! Juice Plus capsules, chews, and shakes have been more important than ever as it gives peace of mind knowing we are supporting immune systems and reducing systemic inflammation (and also helping my aging cells since I’m now over the hill lol).

The Juice Plus Company still offers a Healthy Starts program where kids can get Juice Plus for free for up to 4 years when sponsored by an adult - such a super program to take advantage of and peace of mind that it’s backed by a large volume of scientific research and recommended by numerous health professionals. I hope you can give it a try and see what benefits you experience! Their Tower Garden will also allow you to continue to easily grow greens and herbs indoors throughout the winter without soil (grow lights available). Fresh and home-grown always tastes the best.

Get those osteopathic manual sessions scheduled because I can’t wait to see you all soon in the clinic to help you feel better, move better, and accomplish your wellness goals!

Peace, Love, & Vegetables,


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