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Beat Pain with Counterstrain

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Well hello September….and where the heck did summer go? I’m sure not ready for fall, but all good things must come to an end and I do hope this summer was a fun one for all of you.

A group of my friends were hiking in Oregon this August wearing counterstrain t-shirts (they were attending the 2nd annual Counterstrain Convention in Bend, OR) and 5 times they were asked by people they met on the trail, what is counterstrain? They ended up finding a simple answer by saying, “if you know anyone who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and then constantly being told there’s nothing that can be done for their pain, you go find a counterstrain practitioner.” There is so much truth to that as I see many new clients each week feeling discouraged and say they have tried everything without any relief, their tests are negative so they have been told they are “fine” but still feel terrible, underwent surgery to only continue to have the same pain, and so on. But, after finishing my treatments, they are grateful that there is a new and different hands-on treatment technique available to them that can finally provide positive benefits.

This osteopathic manual technique is called fascial counterstrain (and as luck would have it, it’s my specialty). Fascial counterstrain gently unwinds the protective splinting of all tissues in the body, acknowledging the body’s own intelligence to maintain function in response to trauma, both physical and spiritual. This technique is subtle, incredible specific, comfortable, and provides a powerful sense of release. These effective releases restore movement, function, and whole-person health. Counterstrain is more than symptom relief. It works to help treat the cause of pain and strain, whether acute or chronic, and creates a healing environment.

Most practitioners might shy away from the chronic or challenging problem, but I embrace it! I enjoy solving the puzzle, help those who others have brushed off as unable to be helped, and work hard to advance my skills.

Have an issue going on big or small? Don't let an imbalanced body get in the way of accomplishing your goals or decrease your quality of life. Schedule your manual osteopathic session right away and experience counterstrain for yourself. There’s nothing to lose and I’m just a quick email away to answer any of your questions. You can find the appointment time that works for you on the Superior Wellness website here. Have a friend or family member attend a manual osteopathic session and your next session will be half off!

Also, if you are needing health reset after all of those campfire smores this summer, our September Shred10 is starting soon (9/9/19).

Flooding our bodies with whole foods, getting lots of water and sleep, and getting a jump start to fall with healthy habits is what it’s all about. Learn more about the Shred10 here, message me on how to join in our September group, and there’s still time to order your Juice Plus capsules and shakes too. Changing habits is a lot more fun and successful if you aren’t doing it alone - would love to have you join in the fun.

Have a great start to your fall and Superior Wellness is here to help you make it your best yet!

Peace, Love, & Vegetables,


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