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Start Strong Kids

For every parent, grandparent, teacher, or friend who wanted a fun and easy way to inspire children to make healthy choices – the Start Strong Kids Book is what you’ve been looking for!

As caring adults, we all want our children to live long, healthy lives. We know the foundation of wellness and happiness comes from eating healthy foods, moving, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep every night.

Here is a fun way to encourage the special children in your life to make healthy choices…choices that hopefully will last a lifetime!

In this little book, you will find some valuable resources that could make a world of difference for those awesome kiddos (ages 3-11).

Use the Lunchbox Planning Guide as you shop for groceries to pack healthy lunches for your children (or anyone else) that they will love!

Keep the Delicious Snacks for Children sheet handy in your kitchen for those moments when you find yourself looking for a healthy snack but can’t quite find one that would be satisfying.

Encourage your child to participate in the Start Strong Challenge. There are two different sheets available in this book- feel free to alternate for variety if your child wants to do this more than once. There is also a blank sticker sheet if you would like to create your own challenge. Every day, give your children the opportunity to put a sticker on the squares for the healthy choices they made during that day. When all 20 spaces are filled up, congratulate your children and give them one of the certificates included in this packet to celebrate! You may also choose to give them another incentive for fun… consider going on a special family outing or doing some fun family activity that would be a treat for your children.

There's even a Start Strong You Tube channel to see what other kids are up to - and you can even submit your own to join in! Check out Micah's guacamole video:

Building a healthy community starts with teaching and inspiring kids. Here is your free copy of the Start Strong book below (just click on the picture) and I can't wait to hear about what awesome healthy choices the special kids in your life are making. Share what you're doing on the Superior Wellness Facebook page with #StartStrongKids and let's start a revolution...a healthy living revolution!!

Peace, Love, & Vegetables,


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