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Scrumptious Summer Cookbook

Whew - where has the time gone? We're already smack dab in the middle of summer, so wanted to share with you the newest Healthy Revolution Cookbook. Get yours here or click on the picture below to check it out!

Summer is a great time to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables. Your local farmer's market, nearby orchards, and your own garden are great places to score vine-ripened goodness. Your body will thank you for providing the right fuel to function at your best. A day full of what I like to call "green light" foods will benefit your brain, heart and blood vessels, muscles, immune system, and your waist line just to name a few. And who doesn't love going crazy in a berry patch! I remember my daughter helping me pick raspberries when she was 4 years old and she was so excited to help. I then realized she was shoving each one in her mouth and none of them made it in the basket. She let me know that her belly was the only basket she was planning on filling up and made sure to stuff it full LOL! We still call her the fruit monster to this day.

Another great summer snack is ice cream, but having that too often is not the best when you're working to achieve and maintain wellness. A yummy substitute is blending frozen bananas. Whip them up in the blender, a splash of almond milk for proper consistency if you need it, and add a dash of honey for sweetness (but using ripened bananas usually is sweet enough). You can then top with fresh fruit to complete the deliciousness. I also recently made a chocolate version using JP Chocolate Complete which was super yummy and extra filling too. Here's the recipe I used and if you try it out let me know what you think!

Along with fruits and veggies this summer, thinking about incorporating daily exercise or activity, setting limits on screen time, and no sugary drinks (or at least keep those to a minimal by the pool or campfire LOL).

Hope these recipes get you started on the right track to finish your summer strong. If you need help accomplishing goals or staying accountable, I'm here for you!

Peace, Love, & Vegetables,


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