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Cancer & Nutrition

So, I am a self-proclaimed science nerd – totally not ashamed of that LOL! I love to learn how the body works and geek out on research. Sounds like an exciting Thursday night, right?

I have had a couple people recently share with me their cancer stories and it reminded me of the MD Anderson Cancer Nutrition published study I first heard about a couple of years ago, so I had to look it up again and refresh my memory because the results were so powerful. Cancer unfortunately has affected all of us in one way or another. Studies show that even cancer survivors don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, which at first was hard for me to believe, but then really, don’t we all have a hard time getting our 9-13 servings every day? It’s not easy – you’re busy and before you know it, it’s 8pm and you’ve barely eaten or just grabbed the quickest thing in the cupboard to snack on as you’re off on the next errand. So then, I was like, wow – how do we make this as easy as possible because there is such a huge connection between nutrition and cancer cells.

Researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center took a look at this issue using Juice Plus fruit and vegetable capsules and the Juice Plus Complete Shakes. Could incorporating Juice Plus help bridge the gap between what cancer survivors DO eat and what they SHOULD eat?

Good question!

They had one group of ovarian cancer survivors following the WHEL 10 a day diet and the other group following the 5 a day diet with the Juice Plus capsules and shakes. After 6 months they found that both groups achieved the same amazing level of health benefits including stabilizing key cancer markers and increased levels of important antioxidants. They also concluded that the 5 a day with Juice Plus was easier to comply with and they had higher protein status. Pretty awesome, right?!

I get so excited when I read research like this as it reminds me when I’m making a positive choice of what to eat today, it is doing such good things in my body and will provide me with the quality of life I’m looking for. What a calming feeling! Watch this 2 minute video below about the study for yourself and let me know your thoughts – would love to hear them!

Not heard of Juice Plus? Learn more here and give it a try to experience it for yourself. Join the mission of healthy living today!

Peace, Love, & Vegetables,

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