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Tight Hamstrings Anyone???

It’s not really who has tight hamstrings, it’s more like who doesn’t!

Just with the way our modern world is, we end up spending lot of time with those hamstrings stuck in a contracted position.

Raise your hand if you’re sitting right now (aka your hamstrings are in a shortened position) – probably most of us are LOL!

If your hamstrings become too tight or have too much tension, it can lead to a small issue like a muscle pull or a potentially bigger and more serious back issue. Well then, what can you do to help your hamstrings? There are a variety of causes of this tightness or tension which an osteopathic manual practitioner (like myself) can evaluate to find out what’s going on and then provide treatment solutions. One of the techniques I specialize in is called Fascial Counterstrain, which can effectively and gently treat hamstring dysfunction.

Check out this 5 minute video below demonstrating the extreme effectiveness fascial counterstrain techniques can have for someone with “tight hamstrings:”

Schedule your own osteopathic manual session here to experience it yourself! I would love to help your body achieve the balance it deserves to function at its best.

Peace, love, & happy muscles,


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