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November Shred 10 has started!

The Shred 10 started today! I'm so excited!! I know, I know, it's weird that I get so excited about Well, it's so great to connect with my healthy living revolution community on Facebook and accomplish a Shred. Bonus is that I feel great afterwards with a ton of energy and a few pounds lighter. I usually do pretty well with the nutrition guidelines as I generally eat that same way in my usual daily life, but I love that the Shred reconnects me with my fitness plan, reduces my late night snacking, and gets me going to bed earlier. The Juice Plus Complete shakes REALLY come in handy during the Shred (although I can't live without them no matter if I'm shredding or not) as they make such a quick and filling meal or snack. Today I was on team chocolate with a dash of cinnamon - YUM! Not too late to join in, so send me a message and I'll get you connected with our private Facebook community and the Shred guidelines. You can do anything for 10 days!

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