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Live a Life Without Regrets

What would be the first thing you would think of when you're about to die?

I read a powerful article today that reminded me to "live so that you feel you've left nothing on the table."

It referenced 7 of the best rules that scientists and super-achievers feel you should follow in order to avoid regret. I found this fascinating and inspiring, so I wanted to share it with you!

1. Do ridiculous things

Some of the greatest decisions come out of complete irresponsibility and whim. These crazy, out of the blue, and ridiculous things can end up being some the best things you would ever do. It's good to be silly! See [insert every adult that told you to stop acting silly]....told you so...LOL

2. Choose a job that will teach you the most

So you don't end up spending years in a career that you regret in the end, ask yourself what career will teach you the most? Ryan Holiday writes, "There are lots of ways to make money, fewer real opportunities to learn." It's a great way to help you evaluate and choose your career path and decide on job opportunities.

I have found a life-long learning path of fulfillment in osteopathic health coaching which you can learn more about my journey here.

3. Steer clear of the charlatans and the toxic

Amen to that! Clear all of the toxic people out of your life - they are doing you no favors! You conform to your surroundings, so make smart choices on who you choose to hang out with. There is truth to the saying, your vibe attracts your tribe...

Facebook has an unfriend button for a reason - don't be afraid to purge those who are limiting the direction you want to go...

4. Value the quiet moments

Take a time-out to appreciate what you have. Practice being grateful and thankful. Ryan Holiday says, "It's in the quite, still moments that we feel what matters in life. Standing on the shore of a lake. Looking out over a canyon. Resting your head against someone else's. It's a shortage of these moments that give rise to the feeling that we haven't lived enough, that we have to keep going. Seeking them out, encouraging them is what makes you feel like you've done plenty." Try taking 5-10 minutes out of each day to practice an attitude of gratitude and see what changes. I would love to hear about it.

Words of wisdom my friend...

5. Have a philosophy

Now this doesn't have to get all Socrates or Aristotle, but it's important for you to have something to stand on and keep you focused, driven. Live by something that also really means something to you.

Well, what's yours?...

6. Don't compare yourself with other people

I mean it....don't do this. It will never make you feel good (or good enough) and that just plain doesn't accomplish anything. It most likely will instead drag you down, waste a bunch of precious time (that you can't get back) and keep you from enjoying the ride of life. Remember when I asked you what you would think about before you die? Do you think it will be, oh, so-and-so had more of this or did that before me?

No? ?

I didn't think so.

7. Think about death

Now, this sounds a little strange....I get that, but hear me out. Steve Jobs famously said, "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose....There is no reason not to follow your heart."

I also think about it in a way that allows me not to pass up opportunities and constantly work towards achieving my dreams.

I love helping others do this during my coaching or osteopathic sessions. Let's keep this conversation going and get started with a session today!

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