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Healthy Recipe Potluck

Ever have a hard time sticking to a healthy food diet when going to a potluck?

I’m sure you’ve been there and so have I. My rule of thumb is always eat a bit before you go and then bring something to share that fits the Traffic Light eating guidelines so you know that you have something to snack on while you’re there.

Wondering what Traffic Eating is all about? Schedule your first coaching session here and learn the easiest tool to get your nutrition on track fast!

So bringing your own healthy dish sounds easy, but are you feeling short on healthy potluck dish ideas? Go Figure Women's Fitness in Washburn, WI has a great event coming up this Saturday, March 17th, at 12pm called the Healthy Recipe Potluck. Join in by bringing your favorite healthy dish or party snack to share along with the recipe. Sounds awesome, right? Taste great food and leave with a book of yummy recipes for you, your family, or your next get together.

RSVP by sending me an email at and let’s have some fun and leave with great new recipes on the 17th! See you there!

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