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Happy 4th of July!

I hope you had a great and fun 4th of July! Summer is heating up and so are things at the clinic. The Superior Wellness schedule has been continuing to pick up, so be sure to book your appointments ahead of time as much as possible using the online calendar booking system. This is the best and fastest way to book sessions to ensure that you get the time and frequency you prefer. You can always make changes to your appointment 24 hours prior to your session. I have also extended the booking window to 60 days in advance/from today’s date. If you would like to be on the appointment waitlist, send me an email with your request at and then I will know who to call to fill an open spot or do my best to accommodate seeing you as soon as possible!

My entire family is now fully vaccinated, so clinic mask policies will now follow current CDC guidelines which means no mask is needed if you are also vaccinated. However, you may still wear a mask if you prefer and just let me know if you would prefer me to wear one as that would be no problem at all.

My family and I have our first summer camping vacation since 2019 coming up - yay! So, Superior Wellness will be closed July 12th-19th and I won’t be able to return your calls or emails until I return. I’m going to be strict with myself not to work during my trip, which is not an easy feat for me, although I’m sure I still won’t resist reading and studying anatomy during the drive hahaha. Keep me in your thoughts as I’m trapped in a car with 2 teenagers for many, many hours ;)

I recently registered for my next Fascial Counterstrain Convention, which will take place virtually for 5 days in December - whoo hoo! I will be learning new treatment updates (including about fascial scars) for many of the body’s systems and also take a prep course for the first level of Fascial Counterstrain certification. I am grateful for getting started on the ground floor of this technique years ago, learning right from the physical therapist who is developing it, and it has continued to expand to over 6 countries and many more practitioners. You can find out more about it at including a search tool where you can see where other advanced practitioners are around the world. If you haven’t been in for a manual therapy session lately, I’ve likely learned a few new things to reduce pain and improve flexibility, so come and check it out!

If you’re looking for an easy and nutritious lunch or snack this summer where you don’t have to spend time cooking, check out Juice Plus Complete. It’s vegan, non-GMO, 14 grams of plant protein, 7 grams of fiber, gluten free, and has been my family go-to for over 7 years (the capsules and chews too!). I have not found another company or group of products that compare to the well-rounded quality of Juice Plus, which is why I utilize it for the nutritional component of my practice. Trying out this shake recipe today - yum!

I can’t help but thank all of you again for choosing Superior Wellness - you are the best! I truly enjoy working with you and I’m always committed to learning as much as I can to help you accomplish your health and wellness goals. Look forward to seeing you at your next session soon!

Peace, Love, & Vegetables,

Dr. Lori

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